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Roxy's Tripawd Adventures

This time of year …

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This time of year normally fills me with such joy: The nostalgic feeling of summer coming to an end and back to school season upon us, pumpkin spice lattes and treats, sweater weather, and the dogs feeling more playful with the cooler weather …

But this year, this weather adds a new feeling … loss. Many of you will remember this time of year last year. We lost Sassy and Brendol in the same day, and then two weeks later, I lost my Roxy, only a few days after we welcomed Zeus into our lives.

I plan on having a gathering of friends who knew Roxy to celebrate Zeus’ Gotchaversary and honour Roxy’s Angelversary, and I plan on making Roxy’s peanut butter and apple ampuversary cake for the puppies.

I’ll be sure to post some pics!

I miss you all … Sorry I don’t come around here often anymore, but I do check in silently from time to time, and will continue to do so. Hope you are all doing well.

Mica, Zeus and Angel Roxy.

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It’s been 6 months.

Tripawds is a user-supported community. Thank you for your support!

Dear Roxy,

It’s been 6 months since you left us and we miss you lots. My friend Jay’s dog Herbie just left for the bridge, so would you do us a favour and keep an eye out for him? Maybe show him around a bit and keep him company. Thanks 🙂 …

Zeus is doing great. He’s been a wonderful addition to our family. I only wish you could have spent more time with him; you guys could have been great pals. We are trying to give him a really great life, and he sure completes ours. Thanks for helping us pick him out.

Now say “chubby bunnies”

Mom / Mica

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On Roxy’s 5-month Angelversary

It has been 5 months since we lost Roxy. I miss her every day, but I’m so thankful for the time we spent, and what she taught me, which helped me open up my heart to another furry baby, Zeus.

This guy makes me laugh and smile every day and I am very thankful to have him in my life.

Upside down Zeus


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My first dream of Roxy since she passed.

Roxy was in my dream last night. There was some big natural disaster happening in Ottawa and we were going from place to place trying to take refuge wherever we could. She was completely healthy and had all four legs.

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A great teacher, even now.

Rene commented on a photo I posted on the Tripawds Facebook page of Roxy and Zeus together: “Roxy will be a great teacher even now.”

It made me think: that’s so true. Even if she didn’t directly teach him anything, I’ve learned so much from Roxy as an owner, friend and trainer, and this experience and knowledge will be passed on to him to help him become the best dog he can be and help me be the best buddy for him that I can be.

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Run free, Sweet Roxy.

Today, we said goodbye to my Roxy.

I have no words right now, but they’ll come.

Run free, baby girl. Momma loves you very much.


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A Bittersweet Week

It has been a bittersweet week at our household. We adopted a sweet boy, but Roxy’s right eye looks strange, and after emailing a photo to the vet, they think might be the fibrosarcoma migrating upwards and deviating her eye. Her appetite is better but likely just a side effect of the meds. We will be making a decision very soon.

The following photo is very special because it has been difficult for Roxy to look alert these days (and will likely get worse), and to get a photo of the two dogs together. A friend snapped this photo while he was over yesterday.


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Roxy eating better… and looks like she’ll have a new pal!

For the last couple of days, Roxy has seemed more like herself, AND has started to eat more. Could it be the Prednisone and pain meds that are helping? Perhaps!

Or, it could be that she perked up a bit when she found out that it looks like we’ll be getting a new friend on Monday! Zeus visited our home yesterday, and it went really, really well! She happily greeted him at the gate and was totally relaxed for the whole visit – even when he was in her personal space! So, after some paperwork, it looks like we’ll be bringing him home on Monday. YAY!

Roxy is enjoying a dog food ice cube in the following video. We went from only getting a bit of goat’s milk and ensure into her, to getting blended dog food with a splash of Ensure, to a few mouthfuls of ACTUAL canned dog food. I almost cried, I was so happy.

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Vet day

UPDATE: I added the results from the vet visit in the comments section of this post.

I posted in the forums about this but realized I hadn’t updated the blog about it.

Today is vet day … We were originally scheduled for chemo but I emailed the vet about holding off, and instead checking out what seems to be wrong, and to get chest x-rays done.

Here are the notes I’m taking with me to the vet.

Roxy bounced back from her last chemo and had lots of energy for a couple of days after.

After a few days her eating slowed down, and she started panting a lot (and has very bad breath). Her breathing also seems to be a bit laboured and rapid. At night, she has been restless, and occasionally will let out a little whimper which leads me to believe something is causing her pain. She also whimpers occasionally when she is at rest. She has also been licking her front paws which seems to be something she does when she is in pain.

Roxy missed her dose of Deramaxx on Monday and Tuesday nights (couldn’t get her to eat enough to take it) and slept through the night with minimal restlessness and panting. Looks like it might be part of the problem? Should we switch back to Metacam?

She has been refusing to eat still (more). It is hard to get her to eat enough to get her meds in her, so she has only been getting 1 dose of her antibiotic every day, if that.

Is there a different appetite stimulant? Megestrol was mentioned by another owner of a dog with cancer on the Tripawds site.

Is there another pain med other than (or in addition to) Tramadol that we can try?

Is there a doggie equivalent to Ensure (liquid diet) to help her get her nutrients? I gave her a little bit a couple of times and she lapped it up. She also had no problems with ice cubes, and I even made food into ice cubes and she was able to eat some like that. But she has no interest in dog food and runs away when we offer it to her (even canned chicken, canned salmon and roasted chicken from the grocery store)

I am hoping this this is just a bump in the road but part of me is bracing for the worst.

In other news, I think we found a really good match in a rescue dog we met this week. Last week we met Harley, an adorable 7 month old lab/shepherd/rottweiler mix … but when the two met, he was in her face a lot (he’s still very much a puppy) and she kept getting annoyed. This is something that she would get used to; we’d just have to work with them both. But the problem is, if Roxy doesn’t have a lot of time left, I don’t want it to be spent annoyed. We love Harley but just think that he would be too much for Roxy right now.

The other dog we met, Zeus, is a lovely, gentle and calm 1.5 year old Mountain Cur mix. When the two met, they were interested in each other, tails wagging, and they just kind of did their own thing after that. Didn’t stress Roxy out at all. Which is EXACTLY what Roxy needs right now. I think they would make good pals. And I think he would make a great addition to our family. Everyone loved him. He was saved from a kill shelter where he was labelled as aggressive – which, to me, is shocking – but he has crate anxiety and he had inverted lower lids (which basically means he had lashes that were constantly stabbing his eyeballs). After Catahoula Rescue Ontario took him in, he did great. He had surgery on his eyes, and now it’s like he’s discovering everything for the first time. He likes to chase light and shadows. He’s such a happy boy.

This is Zeus. Isn’t he darling?

We have a home visit on Friday on our ‘turf’, which I think will go well. But we are also up against another family who is interested. Keep your fingers and paws crossed for us!

And for Sally, here’s a photo of Roxy from the other day 🙂

Roxy! Where’s your back leg? How is your bum just floating like that?!

Wish us luck at the vet today … I hate to see my baby girl in pain.

Mica & Roxy

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Some pics of Roxy as a quadpawd

Here are some photos of Roxy through the years as a quadpawd.

Roxy shortly after we adopted her. She’s about a year old here.


Another photo of Roxy at about a year old.


Beach times!

Running through the water like a tiger.


Under the bridge


Snow dog!


Snow dog.

Snow dog

Action pose!

Happy picnic puppy.

Showing some self control!



Lap dog?!


Water dog.


One of Roxy’s favourite games.


What? I can’t hear you!

Hound dog.

This is why it’s sometimes very difficult to get off the couch.


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