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Archive for April, 2013

First Fetch

Tripawds is a user-supported community. Thank you for your support!I took Roxy to the park today because she didn’t want to walk too far away from the house again. She seemed interested in a stick so I thought I’d throw it a little to see if she’d go for it – and she did! I […]

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indoor playtime

Got Roxy a couple of new toys today since she doesn’t seem to want to “play” outside much these days. Her stuffing free fox: And this squeaky elephant that I think was starting to annoy her 🙂

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Practice safe sunbathing.

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Spring is in the air.

Tripawds is a user-supported community. Thank you for your support!We are now past the 3 week amputation mark. The weather is getting nicer, which means we get more deck hangouts in lovely weather, which is one of Roxy’s favourite things to do. One major development over the last few days is that Roxy has been […]

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Grandma came and visited today. Roxy was pretty excited to greet her. Roxy was less reluctant to go for her walk today. Grandma being there probably helped. After her walk we spent some time enjoying a beautiful spring day on the deck.

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Lazy weekend

Roxy and I are having a girls’ weekend, since my husband is out of town playing music. So most of our weekend looks a little bit like this: And a whole lot like this:  

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Round one complete!

Roxy seems to be making a lot of friends at the vet clinic. All the people there seem to fawn all over her and give her lots of treats. She may look forward to her next visit! She seemed completely normal after her chemo. She had a bit of runny stool, but I’m not sure […]

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Chemo round one and Lab report details.

Roxy went in for round one of chemo today. Some people have asked for some details surrounding her diagnosis and treatment plan, so here it is! Chemo plan: Week 1 Complete blood count Kidney enzyme check Carboplatin injection (3x 15ml vials) Week 3: Same as week 1 Week 6: Same as week 3 Week 9: Same […]

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No more stitches!

Roxy got her staples and stitches out yesterday [Edit: she got her staples removed, but her stitches dissolve on their own]. No more cone head! And hopefully a more comfortable Roxy. We also go our biopsy results back: as feared, but not surprisingly, it came back positive for osteosarcoma. We will be starting chemo as […]

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Weekend Update

Roxy seems to be slowing down a little in her progress and doesn’t seem as quick on her walks, wanting to stop more frequently and looking slightly less stable on her remaining back leg. I am going to assume she is still recovering from her slip on the hardwood a couple of days ago. I […]

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