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More surgery? Really??

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I’m getting really tired, and I barely have the energy or heart to talk about this stuff these days. But I feel I should update you guys…

I took Roxy in to the vet again, because her mouth thing seems to be getting worse, and along with it, the jaw shaking, and enlarged lymph nodes. She has been on antibiotics for it for over a month now, and they are obviously not helping.

Apparently, the first time (over a month ago) and the most recent time, they had a bunch of different vets have a look at her mouth infection, they took biopsies of small samples (a punch from her mouth, and a needle from her lymph nodes, which turned up negative for cancer) and they still don’t know what it is. The pathology report said it was just an infection. Dentistry said they didn’t know what it was.

So after meeting with the vet on Friday, she agreed that it was worse, and spreading, and that her lymph nodes were larger than when they first noticed the issue. She said the only way to determine what it is, is to do a surgical biopsy to get a large enough sample. Remove a lymph node, and get a larger sample from her mouth, to send for biopsies.

This is a relatively minor surgery, but STILL. Another surgery?!

Meeting with the surgeon on Tuesday, but there is still a chance to back out of the surgery after that.

My poor baby is going through enough. And I just hope that after all this, what they find is something they know how to treat.

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  1. Michelle Said,

    June 22, 2013@ 10:00 pm      Reply

    Sometimes set backs happen Mica. I understand about the money issues & steam. In the month of May for us it was horrible. I just hope they figure out what is going on with her. Prayers for you & Roxy


    Michelle & Sassy

  2. jerry Said,

    June 22, 2013@ 10:00 pm      Reply

    Oh I am so sorry Mica, I can’t blame you for feeling the way you do, I would feel the same way.

    It can’t hurt to do the small biopsy. Then take it from there. At the very least you’ll know what you’re dealing with, and then you can decide what kind of treatment you’ll want to pursue.

    I know you must be so frustrated and upset. My heart goes out to you. I hope this is easily treated. Keep us posted OK?

  3. Christine Said,

    June 22, 2013@ 10:38 pm      Reply

    awwww… poor Roxy.. but if they can find out what is going on, then it will be worth it in the end, I think. I know that is easy for me to say on this side of the computer, but please know you and Roxy are in our prayers and thoughts!

  4. benny55 Said,

    June 22, 2013@ 11:13 pm      Reply

    Darn Mica, this is just plain rotten. And to have to go through another surgery for sweet Roxy is just beyond unfair—-minor or not.

    Was she able to go forward with chemo after the low WBC? You may have posted but with the website being down I may have missed it.

    How is her overall attitude?



    Wagging her tail a lot? Alert? Overall happy?

    Does “it” seem to be having any negative influence on her n any way?

    What is it that they would be looking for? Are they trying to identify a specific type of infection so they can determine the specific antibiodic?

    I don’t know what I would do in your shoes and I wish I could help you in some way.

    You know the website has been down. Several of us have it our e-mail addresses under “Anything Goes” thread. Please, please, please e-mail us if site is down and you need some support. And please, please, please e-mail us with updates if site down. Please.

    We are all one family and we all care about each other. All the dogs and cats are our extended family. I thin k it’s pretty clear how Roxy has found a place into my heart.

    Love that Roxy girl!!

    But you know, it’s really not “nice” to give us a post without a picture of our Sweet Roxy!!
    A post without a picture?? No, no sweet Mica! I’ll keep checking back! HINT!

    You are so strong and this is just another bump on this journey no one signed up for. Pretty sure Roxy girl is feeling fine and no e of this is stressing her out a all! She’s just happy lazing around on the couch and being spoiled and loved!

    My email:

    Have they completely discounted being related to chemo?

    • micaroxy Said,

      June 23, 2013@ 9:30 am      Reply

      They said it’s not chemo related and I believe it – I first noticed her jaw shaking/smacking before we even started chemo. If anything, chemo may have been preventing whatever it is from healing properly.

      Yes, Roxy is otherwise happy and waggy and alert, eating fine, and drinking. I have noticed her mouth is causing her a bit of discomfort, and she has been panting a little more than usual.

      I am sad that they were not able to determine what it was based on a small, non-intrusive sample that they took weeks ago and that now they need to do surgery to get more.

      Thanks Sally, always love reading your comments. I promise I will have pictures of Roxy next post 🙂

  5. fourminipups Said,

    June 23, 2013@ 12:33 am      Reply

    Poor Roxy. Seems like when it rains it pours. Hopefully this will give you a better answer as to what is going on. Sending pawsitive thoughts your way.

    Luanne & Shooter

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