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Roxy's Tripawd Adventures

Not the greatest news.

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It’s been a while … Mostly because I have a hard time bringing myself to talk about it because the news just seems to get worse. I posted in the forums a little while ago with this news, but I guess I should also update the blog.

We got some disheartening news from the mouth and lymph node biopsy a few weeks back. The growth in her mouth turned out to be fibrosarcoma, and her enlarged lymph nodes was metastasis from that.

A couple of days ago I took a look inside her mouth and it seems to be getting worse. I can actually see the growths growing downward in her mouth, whereas before, it just looked like a sensitive area on the back of the roof of her mouth.

Roxy is still eating, but takes more coaxing to do so, and some hand feeding. It’s getting less comfortable for her to eat because of those things.

She has her 2nd doxorubicin treatment this week. She was a bit tired from her last one for a couple of days about 7 days in, but didn’t have any major side effects from it.

I’m really sad and angry that this stupid disease has manifested itself in two different, unrelated forms in my baby girl. Knowing that her prognosis is that much worse as a result breaks my heart every day, but we’re trying to make the best of our time together.

She is still acting like her adorable, happy self, which is great. As long as she’s doing that, I’m going to do everything I can to help keep her that way.

Here’s a photo of Roxy and my husband watching a movie together. Not the greatest photo but I’m pretty sure I had the same look on my face while watching Sharknado.

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  1. Christine Said,

    July 22, 2013@ 10:33 am      Reply

    $&*(%^!! That’s all I can say is $&*%^#@!!! My heart goes out to you.. I hate it when we hear that type of news.. I wish we had magic wands that we could wave and take this all away.. but we don’t.. and that sucks big time..
    I don’t know what to say except the usual, and I know you know that we are all there for you to help you vent, scream, laugh, and cry at the same time. We have been there.. we have done that.. and we wish you strength to get through the days with many, many snuggles, many movies watched, and as many ice creams cones that Roxy wants to eat.
    I think I would have that look watching that movie too.. lol

  2. Michelle Said,

    July 22, 2013@ 10:54 am      Reply

    Awww Mica. I am so so sorry. I hate this news. I was hoping that the doxy would help. 🙁 Just love on her spoil her rotten. I know that is easy to do but the rest just effing sucks. You know we are all here for you. Feed her whatever she wants

    Michelle & Sassy

  3. rica55 Said,

    July 22, 2013@ 10:54 am      Reply

    Oh mica…I want you to know I think about you guys on a daily basis. Roxy is a tough fighter and it TOTALLY SUCKS that you guys got hit with this. It’s just NOT FAIR.

    But, she doesnt know whats going on, its amazing that she is acting her happy self. You have every right to be angry and sad and that is what we are here for – to vent.

    You are a tough mama and Roxy is one tough fighter. Give her lots of hugs from me.


  4. benny55 Said,

    July 22, 2013@ 10:56 am      Reply

    ROXY ALWAYS TAKES THE BEST PHOTOS IN THE LAND! Even while watching human movies!! That ks a great joto and just looks happy and so very content!!

    Yeah, this #&$%##$%# stupid crappy disease is horrid. We all hate it.

    We certainly understand you not posting often–bjt we do see you time to time on here and that’s might thoughtful with everything you are going through. Know, please know, that we think about ypu everyday! And if healing thoughts have any impact, Roxy will continud to feel better for a long time! I know seeing that thing in her mouth nas got to be so distressing. Try not to look at it but every now and then just to check. Give her treatment time to work.

    Now, I’m not sure about this at all, but I “think” Palladia can cause some upset tummy issues. Gosh, I hope others chime in on this because I know some gave yogurt (live kind), anti-nauseau pills, NOT pepcid,—-There again, ot sure, but I think pepcid can cause it’s own issues.

    Most importantly, Roxy feels gold and is happy and is living in the moment and isn’t giving any thought to any stupid diagnosis!! She is Roxy!!! And Roxy is sooooooo loved and sooo happy jst “being”—-jist being with you.

    Go look at that video again where you ask her if she wants to go to the park!! That’l put a smile on your face! She sure has one on hers!! I forgot where youmlive. The heat and humidity here in Virginia is crazy! Constant rain with 95 – 100 + degrees. So maybe just lether sit in the park and you fan her!
    🙂 🙂

    We love our Roxy ya’ know! And she’s not going anywhere anytime soon!! And that’s a fact!! Roxy’s got that covered!!

    Fedxing some more movies your way with popcorn!! O scarey ones though!! Maybe Lion Kimg or Findng Nemo…..not KuJo!

    We love you!

    Sally and Happy Hannah

  5. maximutt Said,

    July 22, 2013@ 11:00 am      Reply

    We’re keeping you in our thoughts, Roxy! You are a very brave, strong girl!

  6. jerry Said,

    July 22, 2013@ 3:00 pm      Reply

    Roxy, I know that you are doing all you can to stay strong and kick cancer’s butt. Your people are pretty tough too. Keep on keeping on girlfriend, you are so amazing.

    Mica, I’m so sorry. I wish the news was better. Cancer bites. My heart goes out to you.

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