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Food games

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For a few days after her Doxorubicin treatments (of which she’s had 2 so far), Roxy seems to lose her appetite.

This article by Sassy’s mom Michelle basically covers what we go through for those few days.

Here’s how our feeding routine seems to go. I can’t help but feel like she’s just messing with us.

She won’t eat her kibble. I try softening it, adding broth, warming it up, mixing in soft food. If she detects that there is kibble in any of that, she won’t touch it; no matter how cleverly disguised I think it is, or how much deliciousness I add. She will eat the soft food on its own, but not if it’s touching kibble.

She will eat soft canned food, or ground meats, but not if they’re mixed together.

At first, she didn’t want to eat the ground beef/turkey mixture I made with vegetables. Or, she’d pick out the vegetables, put them aside, finish her meat, then come back to the vegetables.

I learn, by separating her dish into three little piles, which food she prefers for that meal (it seems to change each time), and I will add more of what she ate, and remove the other two.

After a few days, she will turn her nose up at fewer and fewer foods, and at that point, I know that I can start re-introducing her kibble into the mix.

How convenient that she had no problem finishing the kiddie cone I got from her at DQ … AND managed to finish mine that fell on the ground (proof that she’s messing with me? 🙂 ).

My husband picked up some goat’s milk, on Michelle’s suggestion, and some plain yogurt. We’ll see if that helps. Though, she seems to be getting her appetite back last night and this morning (even since the ice cream), so maybe it will just be a special treat. 🙂

Who, me? Messing with you? I wouldn’t do that ….

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  1. Michelle Said,

    August 1, 2013@ 5:47 pm      Reply

    You got it pegged Mica. Roxy has a Sassy syndrome LOL. She would eat ice cream etc but food no way. Hope Roxy is doing great otherwise 🙂

    Michelle & Sassy

  2. Michelle Said,

    August 1, 2013@ 5:49 pm      Reply

    Forgot to add she looks great in that picture 🙂

    • micaroxy Said,

      August 2, 2013@ 10:20 am      Reply

      Thanks Michelle 🙂

      She loved the goat’s milk mixed with her food, by the way!

  3. jerry Said,

    August 1, 2013@ 10:03 pm      Reply

    Awww baby girl, you gotta quit messin with your Momma’s head, she worries and so do we.

    But I agree, DQ is way better than kibble!

    Let us know how the goat’s milk tastes OK?

    • micaroxy Said,

      August 2, 2013@ 10:20 am      Reply

      Roxy says the goat’s milk is great! She didn’t want to eat her food last night so I poured a bit in, mixed it around, and she devoured it!

  4. benny55 Said,

    August 2, 2013@ 12:02 am      Reply

    The caption is spot on for her pose! You captured her expression perfectly!!

    I love how you put three different piles in her food bowl to see which is her favorite…….for the moment anyway!

    She probably doesn’t feel like eating for a day or two after treatme t..AND she’s messing with you too! Try putti g the kibble in the cone and top it with DQ! I’d eat it:-)

    I just love that Roxy!

    Boxing up some DQ cones and FedXing them to yoRoxy Girl! Keep on holding out only for the best food! You keep on messing with ’em…..they’re falling for it:-)

    Waffle cones filled with love for Roxy!

    Sally and Happy Hannah

    • micaroxy Said,

      August 2, 2013@ 10:21 am      Reply

      That’s an excellent idea (putting kibble in ice cream) – i am pretty sure she would go for that. 🙂

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