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Roxy's Tripawd Adventures

Cottage fun.

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This weekend we went to the family cottage. Β Roxy also went for her first post-amputation swim! Here are some photos and a video.



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  1. Christine Said,

    August 12, 2013@ 12:52 pm      Reply

    all I can say is…………….


  2. Karma Said,

    August 12, 2013@ 3:08 pm      Reply

    So sweet. Looks like she had a lot of fun. I love the last picture of the two of you.

  3. benny55 Said,

    August 12, 2013@ 3:42 pm      Reply

    Mica! I’m scrolling so fast because I’m always so excited to see Roxy’s pictures that I haven’t even stopped long enough to look at the video!!

    And then I get to this bottom picture and I’m balling my eyes out! IT IS THE SWEETEST , MOST TOUCHING, LOVLIEST OF LOVELY PHOTOS EVER! Roxy, you’ve done it again, reached right in and jumped into my heart! That dog loves you and your husband! Pure love, peace and contentment on that face!

    Okay, gotta go look t video……..

  4. benny55 Said,

    August 12, 2013@ 3:52 pm      Reply

    Okaaaaaay, tears of joy flowing again! YAAAAY Roxy! That is an incredible swim! You really made it look effortless and stress free. You clearly were enjoying yourself!

    Your daddy was right by your sids evsry step of the way. I know that made you feel safe and secure. The video…..and all the photos, remind us all how hapy dogs are just living in the moment, being loved and spoiled.

    I love the photo where yo are “surveying ” your privat pristine blue “pond” Nice estate you have there Roxy:-) And that’s one fine life jacket too!

    This post sure did make my day! Sure did!

    Lots of love,

    Sally and Happy Hannah

  5. benny55 Said,

    August 12, 2013@ 5:55 pm      Reply

    Whoa! How did this happen! I just came back to see those ics again and two more came up that didn’t show up a couple of hours agao! Say what?? Must be a tavlet thing!

    But that picture of Roxy looking into the camera all wet, ers alert ,eyes bight and hapy!! OMD” Another ADORABLE picture of Roxy!

    And then getting her towel massage while laying on HER custom made quilt! Yeah I noticed that! Roxy, you are one loved and pampered dog!

    Love that Roxy:-) πŸ™‚

    Sally and Happy Hannah

    • micaroxy Said,

      August 13, 2013@ 9:29 am      Reply

      It’s not you – it’s me! πŸ™‚

      I realized that I forgot to include those two pictures so I went back and edited the post to include them πŸ™‚

  6. jerry Said,

    August 12, 2013@ 11:27 pm      Reply

    Oh you look so good beautiful. What a lucky dawg you are to have pawrents who love you so much and do such neat things with you. It’s so neat to watch you swim. xoxo

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