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Roxy's Tripawd Adventures

Some pics of Roxy as a quadpawd

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Here are some photos of Roxy through the years as a quadpawd.

Roxy shortly after we adopted her. She’s about a year old here.


Another photo of Roxy at about a year old.


Beach times!

Running through the water like a tiger.


Under the bridge


Snow dog!


Snow dog.

Snow dog

Action pose!

Happy picnic puppy.

Showing some self control!



Lap dog?!


Water dog.


One of Roxy’s favourite games.


What? I can’t hear you!

Hound dog.

This is why it’s sometimes very difficult to get off the couch.


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  1. benny55 Said,

    August 27, 2013@ 11:01 am      Reply

    OH MICA!!! Ohhhhhh yeah!!

    These are WONDERFUL!!

    I’m tearing up over here as Im going through….-.and then THE FACE photo! OMD! Balling like a baby! THAT MUG! That is the most beautiful dog in tne land! I have never seensooooo much gentleness just ooze off of a face!

    Who knew Roxy is such a water hound? Thar photo of her flying tnrough the water after her ball…WOW!

    Oh yeah, and the then that great “action” photo!! They are such fun! Is that a dance move she learned from Michael Jackson? Brilliqnt!

    And of course the close up of the “snow dog mug”——you know that one’s melting our hearts too!

    Out of all of these treasures, there’s only one where she looks the slightest bit agitated. Okay……which one do you think it is…………yep! The one where she’s having to show “self control”!

    Oh yeah, and there’s one that is a good example of how she hold her ears in someof the other potos you’ve shared before. Are you thinking? Don’t go back and peek! Not sure if you guessed this one or not………’s the other snow dog picture where she’s just sittng in te snow facing the camera! She is just sooooooo darn cute!

    Sticking her head through a box is one of her favorite games? Say what? Roxy, have you ever heard of “chewing on a bone” or have you ever thought of playing with a stuffed toy instead?

    Mica, you have absolutely captured the essence of Roxy in every single photo! And believe me when I say, ROXY HAS CAPTURED OUR HEARTS!

    The love you all share is magnificent! You can feel it in every post and in every photo! That kind of love will stay with you…..and with Roxy forever! FOREVER!!

    Gotta go back and look at them some more! And you know I’m not kidding when I say I can never get enough of that Roxy! Love that Roxy!

    Thank you soooooo much for sharing these. It means a lot, it really does.

    Lots of hugs and love to you and Roxy!

    Sally and Happy Hannah

    • micaroxy Said,

      August 27, 2013@ 11:17 am      Reply

      Thanks Sally I’m glad you enjoyed them!!

      The box game: we put the box on her head and then she tries to get it off. You’d think a dog wouldn’t like it, but as soon as we pick it back up, the tail starts going and she gets all excited to get it back on her head! It’s so funny!

  2. Michelle Said,

    August 31, 2013@ 11:15 pm      Reply

    Wow, I missed this one. I love all these pictures of Roxy. Thank you for sharing them. She looks like she had a great time as a quad paw. I loved the box picture too.

    Michelle & Angel Sassy

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