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Roxy's Tripawd Adventures

A Bittersweet Week

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It has been a bittersweet week at our household. We adopted a sweet boy, but Roxy’s right eye looks strange, and after emailing a photo to the vet, they think might be the fibrosarcoma migrating upwards and deviating her eye. Her appetite is better but likely just a side effect of the meds. We will be making a decision very soon.

The following photo is very special because it has been difficult for Roxy to look alert these days (and will likely get worse), and to get a photo of the two dogs together. A friend snapped this photo while he was over yesterday.


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  1. fourminipups Said,

    September 4, 2013@ 7:53 am      Reply

    I am thinking of you. How wonderful that Roxy has Zeus with her and what a great picture of the two of them.

    Hugs to you.

    Luanne and Spirit Shooter

  2. cjwaller Said,

    September 4, 2013@ 7:55 am      Reply

    Two pretty pups! Roxy looks like such a sweet dog. Love the coloring of your new one! Will be thinking of you!

  3. fetchon3 Said,

    September 4, 2013@ 8:05 am      Reply

    It’s a GORGEOUS picture of your furries. I love it. Adore it.
    Sorry about the crappy news. Oh, boy Roxy, your momma loves you SO much. We’re all thinking of everyone in your pack, and you too Mica.
    ~ Katy & Jackson

  4. Beth Said,

    September 4, 2013@ 8:10 am      Reply

    What does the spot look above Roxy’s eye? My golden has a spot above the right eye that looks like it could be something. . Doesn’t seem to bother her but have been wondering if it could be cancer spreading. I am waiting a few days obese if it changes size or if it gets worse. Roxy is beautiful!

    • micaroxy Said,

      September 4, 2013@ 8:39 am      Reply

      Her right eye looks like her third lid (bottom one) is always in – you know when they just wake up or they are dopey and it is still closed? At first I thought it was that, but all in her lower lid is enflamed and liquidy, and her eye is pointing off to the side.

  5. Michelle Said,

    September 4, 2013@ 9:35 am      Reply

    Roxy, we are pulling for you baby girl. I am so glad you have a new buddy in your home. Keep fighting. Mica, I am thinking of you and your babies in this time. Cancer just really sucks. I am so so sorry that you are going through this.

    Roxy, you & Zeus are very beautiful.

    Michelle & Angel Sassy

  6. Christine Said,

    September 4, 2013@ 10:01 am      Reply

    What a handsome guy!!!!

    Aww Roxy girl… enjoy each day sweetie.. and know that your family and the Tripawd family love you to bits! I’m so sorry that you are going through this.. I wish you some sanity through this difficult time..
    Love her up.. and mega ice cream!! Yes… this calls for ice cream. I think we shal have some when I get home..
    Thinking of you…
    Christine….. with Franklin in her heart ♥

  7. maximutt Said,

    September 4, 2013@ 10:46 am      Reply

    Thinking of you Roxy!

  8. benny55 Said,

    September 4, 2013@ 11:23 am      Reply

    First of all, THAT is a wonderful picture! Do they REALLY get alng as well as the picture indicates? Are they buddies already?

    Mica, they “eye” thing may or may not be anything……..there are so many things it could be…none of which are horrible.

    Infections from the mouth can definitely affect eyes with al sorts of gunk, swelling, etc. And with her immune system down, that seems pretty logical. Even an allergice reaction to smething, so I wouldn’t give too much weight to it right now.

    Roxy, forgive me, but I have to bringing up the “age” thing again! There is aomething that happens quite frequrntly with older dogs that will give them a “cross-eyed look” in one eye…smetimes along with a staggered gait….smetimes just the bizzare lookng eye thing.
    And it comes on pretty quickly.

    Now, of course I couldn’t begin to remember the name, but it’s some sort of “brain thng”…a little hiccup in the vessels…..a little misfiring somewhere. My senior boy Bodie has had these “eye episodes” two’ maybe three times over a year or so……sometimes just the eye looks bizzare, somethimes with a stagger. If I recall, a steroid was the treatment. I know this isn’t much precise info., but I’m just saying it could be so many different things.

    It’s not possible that the new pup scratched her eye or anything like that?

    And yeah, the steroid maybe helping her eatkng, but if she felt really, really rotten, she wouldn’t be eating regardless of the prednisone.

    What’s her overall attitude? The pics the other day showed one content ad comfortable girl enjoying taking things slow…….sorry Roxy… we go again….taking things slow like any “older” dog would do:-)

    Again, the mantra here….-don’t let ANYTHING rob you of your time together with Roxy! She will let you know. Right now, her focus is on teaching Zeus how to be more like her….gentle, sweet, loving, kind and how to play badminton!

    That badminton video is always one of my favorites!

    Okay sweet Mica, you know you’ve got the whole tripawd community sending you love and supportive energy! That Roxy is one tough girl and still wants to hang around and teach Zeus the art of eating ice xubes!

    Lots of (((((((((((hugs)))))))))))

    Sally and Happy Hannah

  9. benny55 Said,

    September 4, 2013@ 11:27 am      Reply

    Oh…I wanted to add that the eye does appear kind of squinty with this “age thing” too!

    Let us kow how she and Zeus get along, okay? And is Zeus settling i ? Does ne realize he’sin a “forever home” yet? What’s his personality like? Does Roxy ignore him or like him_

    • micaroxy Said,

      September 4, 2013@ 11:33 am      Reply

      I wish I could say it’s just a weird age thing but I feel that it is the tumour growing. She is also having more bad days than good… she is back to barely eating, and isn’t moving around much. She’s not happy. We have made up our minds that it will happen this week, unless there is some miraculous turnaround.

  10. Dakota Dawg Said,

    September 4, 2013@ 11:41 am      Reply

    Mica, I know this is not where you want to be right now with your girl. I wish I could change it. I think Zeus picked an excellent time for his arrival. Just that much more love to pass around. Please know we’re thinking about you and hoping that things turn out well for Roxy.


  11. jerry Said,

    September 4, 2013@ 12:02 pm      Reply

    Mica, I’m sorry you got that news. Our hearts are with you and Roxy, this is the hardest point in the journey and there are no easy answers. Keep loving her as only you can so that whatever time left is filled with memories that you will hold dear. It looks like Zeus will be an buddy for your pack during this ruff time.

  12. Esther and Snoop Said,

    September 4, 2013@ 4:38 pm      Reply

    Mica,we are thinking of you at this difficult time. I think Zeus is there for many reasons. Love your girl.

    Esther and Snoop

  13. roxiesmom Said,

    September 4, 2013@ 10:40 pm      Reply

    Mica and Roxy, I’m so sorry about this new development. Sending you hugs and good thoughts and healing prayers. And more hugs to your new boy.
    -Liz and Roxie

  14. benny55 Said,

    September 5, 2013@ 12:06 am      Reply

    Yes, our hearts are with you. Roxy, we love you. We wish the best for you, whatever that may be.

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