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Roxy's Tripawd Adventures


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In September 2001, I made a visit to the Ottawa Humane Society. I left with a new best friend.

Roxy was about 9 months old when I got her. She was an awkward and energetic Shepherd/Hound mix (most likely – being a stray, she could be anything!) with a positive outlook on life and the most loving heart. We were inseparable.

A young (1-2 yrs) Roxy

As she grew up, her puppy-like demeanor remained, and my love for her grew stronger. At 12, people could hardly believe she was any older than 7.

In early 2013, I started to notice that she started to limp. I took her to the vet with what we thought may have been a twisted leg, and left with some pain meds. A couple of months later, it happened again, and it did not seem to improve after a few days. Worried that it was a dislocated hip, we brought her in for x-rays.

The vet called later. Her hip was fine, but what he found was something much more troubling: what was quite clearly a mass in her back right femur. Osteosarcoma was the most likely prognosis. My heart fell. We immediately got a referral to an oncologist.

When faced with our options, I knew we only had once choice that would remove her pain and increase her chance for survival. Other than this horrible pain in her leg, she still had a lot of puppy in her, and so much more love to share. I knew that amputation would be our first step.

This blog documents her progress post-amputation, and through the course of her treatment. I am learning so much from Roxy’s strength and courage. I hope that it brings hope to those who read it; and that it helps people see how special Roxy is to me.

Roxy and Mom

Roxy enjoying a beautiful spring day as a tripawd.


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  1. Bruiserbruno Said,

    April 22, 2013@ 6:45 pm      Reply

    Glad to have been able to chat with you. Welcome to tripawds. Roxy is beautiful. Wishing you the best
    Maricela and Spirit Bruno

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