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On Roxy’s 5-month Angelversary

Tripawds is a user-supported community. Thank you for your support! It has been 5 months since we lost Roxy. I miss her every day, but I’m so thankful for the time we spent, and what she taught me, which helped me open up my heart to another furry baby, Zeus. This guy makes me laugh […]

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My first dream of Roxy since she passed.

Roxy was in my dream last night. There was some big natural disaster happening in Ottawa and we were going from place to place trying to take refuge wherever we could. She was completely healthy and had all four legs.

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A great teacher, even now.

Tripawds is a user-supported community. Thank you for your support!Rene commented on a photo I posted on the Tripawds Facebook page of Roxy and Zeus together: “Roxy will be a great teacher even now.” It made me think: that’s so true. Even if she didn’t directly teach him anything, I’ve learned so much from Roxy […]

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Run free, Sweet Roxy.

Today, we said goodbye to my Roxy. I have no words right now, but they’ll come. Run free, baby girl. Momma loves you very much. Mica

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A Bittersweet Week

It has been a bittersweet week at our household. We adopted a sweet boy, but Roxy’s right eye looks strange, and after emailing a photo to the vet, they think might be the fibrosarcoma migrating upwards and deviating her eye. Her appetite is better but likely just a side effect of the meds. We will […]

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Roxy eating better… and looks like she’ll have a new pal!

For the last couple of days, Roxy has seemed more like herself, AND has started to eat more. Could it be the Prednisone and pain meds that are helping? Perhaps! Or, it could be that she perked up a bit when she found out that it looks like we’ll be getting a new friend on […]

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Vet day

UPDATE: I added the results from the vet visit in the comments section of this post. I posted in the forums about this but realized I hadn’t updated the blog about it. Today is vet day … We were originally scheduled for chemo but I emailed the vet about holding off, and instead checking out […]

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Some pics of Roxy as a quadpawd

Here are some photos of Roxy through the years as a quadpawd.                  

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Ice Cubes

Since Roxy is refusing to eat food, but seems to still love ice cubes, I’m going to try making dog food ice cubes. Wish us luck! Update: Roxy loves the dog food ice cubes! I consider this a HUGE success!

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Why we are considering a new friend for Roxy (and me)

At first, when we were struck with the horrible news and Roxy and I started on this cancer fighting journey, I thought, “I could never, ever get another dog. I couldn’t deal with this kind of pain again.” But the fact is, even though she has this disease, I wouldn’t trade ANYTHING for the time […]

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