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Roxy's Tripawd Adventures

Ice Cubes

Since Roxy is refusing to eat food, but seems to still love ice cubes, I’m going to try making dog food ice cubes. Wish us luck!

Update: Roxy loves the dog food ice cubes! I consider this a HUGE success!

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Why we are considering a new friend for Roxy (and me)

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At first, when we were struck with the horrible news and Roxy and I started on this cancer fighting journey, I thought, “I could never, ever get another dog. I couldn’t deal with this kind of pain again.” But the fact is, even though she has this disease, I wouldn’t trade ANYTHING for the time we have spent together over the last 12 years. 12 years! I was 23 when Roxy and I met and I was still very much a baby myself. So in some ways, Roxy and I kind of raised each other, and since then, we have been each other’s best friend and companion. You will hear people say that caring for a dog with cancer strengthens that bond like you wouldn’t believe. It is unequivocally true.

Allow me to explain some of the reasons why, at this time, we are looking at adding a new furry friend to our pack.

Roxy likes big boy dogs. At dog parks and in social situations, she ignores small dogs, is indifferent to female dogs, and gravitates toward large, male dogs. I would love for Roxy to have a friend, as she is still very young at heart. Not just a dog that she tolerates, but a dog whose company she enjoys. I don’t want her new friend to be a source of stress for her, but someone to enrich her life.

Make no mistake, this idea isn’t completely selfless. We all know that Roxy isn’t going to be around for that much longer. We all know that it will be very difficult for me to lose her, and I do mean “feeling like I have nothing to wake up for” kind of difficult. It would be really good for me to have another dog to focus on, to get up for, to take care of, and to play with.

Roxy has been my life for a really long time, and though no dog could ever replace her, dogs are very much a part of who I am, much in the same way that music is a part of who my husband is.

It is important to me that the new dog will have known Roxy, even if for a short while, to have spent some time with her, to understand the bond we share… and maybe pick up a habit or two of hers and a part of her can continue to live on in our family.

If we don’t end up finding Roxy a suitable friend, that’s fine. I would want him to be a good fit for everyone. But it is still worth a shot.

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Cottage fun.

This weekend we went to the family cottage. Β Roxy also went for her first post-amputation swim! Here are some photos and a video.



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A sick and twisted game.

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I’m worried for my baby girl.

The growth on the roof of her mouth is definitely getting bigger. It’s growing downwards and is almost as low as her back top teeth. I fear that soon it will affect her ability to eat, or even to close her mouth.

Her appetite has been a challenge ever since her last chemo … it’s hard to say whether it’s because of the chemo, or the thing in her mouth.

The chemo doesn’t seem to be doing her any good, at least, not for her mouth cancer. I am thinking at this point we might switch to metronomics. We don’t have a lot of options left. Surgery doesn’t seem to be an option; They can’t exactly remove the roof of her mouth, and if they remove the surface growths, they will just come back again. Since we don’t know how much time she has left, I don’t want the rest of her life to be spent recovering from surgeries. The closest radiation facility is two hours away, and I’m not sure that would do it any good either.

I really, really hate this sick and twisted game that cancer is playing with us. The “which one will get her first?” game. It breaks my heart that it will likely be one of those before her spirit.

We still managed to celebrate her 4 month ampuversary on the weekend. She had some of her human and doggie friends over and I baked a doggie meatloaf, which all the puppies enjoyed.

Roxy supervising her ampuversary party preparations

Hanging out with her human friends


Roxy has a lot of pug friends. Here are two of Roxy’s new senior pug pals, Ziggy and Sophia.

All partied out.

It’s getting harder to stay positive… but all I can do is try to keep her happy and comfortable for as long as possible. My poor Roxy.

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Food games

For a few days after her Doxorubicin treatments (of which she’s had 2 so far), Roxy seems to lose her appetite.

This article by Sassy’s mom Michelle basically covers what we go through for those few days.

Here’s how our feeding routine seems to go. I can’t help but feel like she’s just messing with us.

She won’t eat her kibble. I try softening it, adding broth, warming it up, mixing in soft food. If she detects that there is kibble in any of that, she won’t touch it; no matter how cleverly disguised I think it is, or how much deliciousness I add. She will eat the soft food on its own, but not if it’s touching kibble.

She will eat soft canned food, or ground meats, but not if they’re mixed together.

At first, she didn’t want to eat the ground beef/turkey mixture I made with vegetables. Or, she’d pick out the vegetables, put them aside, finish her meat, then come back to the vegetables.

I learn, by separating her dish into three little piles, which food she prefers for that meal (it seems to change each time), and I will add more of what she ate, and remove the other two.

After a few days, she will turn her nose up at fewer and fewer foods, and at that point, I know that I can start re-introducing her kibble into the mix.

How convenient that she had no problem finishing the kiddie cone I got from her at DQ … AND managed to finish mine that fell on the ground (proof that she’s messing with me? πŸ™‚ ).

My husband picked up some goat’s milk, on Michelle’s suggestion, and some plain yogurt. We’ll see if that helps. Though, she seems to be getting her appetite back last night and this morning (even since the ice cream), so maybe it will just be a special treat. πŸ™‚

Who, me? Messing with you? I wouldn’t do that ….

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Just some photos and videos

Today, Roxy is at the vet for her second round of Doxorubicin. In the meantime, here are some photos and videos from the last few days.

Stalking a fly.

Just hanging on the deck.


Good to the last drop!

Her Auntie Liz came by and we went for a little stroll in the woods yesterday:


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Not the greatest news.

It’s been a while … Mostly because I have a hard time bringing myself to talk about it because the news just seems to get worse. I posted in the forums a little while ago with this news, but I guess I should also update the blog.

We got some disheartening news from the mouth and lymph node biopsy a few weeks back. The growth in her mouth turned out to be fibrosarcoma, and her enlarged lymph nodes was metastasis from that.

A couple of days ago I took a look inside her mouth and it seems to be getting worse. I can actually see the growths growing downward in her mouth, whereas before, it just looked like a sensitive area on the back of the roof of her mouth.

Roxy is still eating, but takes more coaxing to do so, and some hand feeding. It’s getting less comfortable for her to eat because of those things.

She has her 2nd doxorubicin treatment this week. She was a bit tired from her last one for a couple of days about 7 days in, but didn’t have any major side effects from it.

I’m really sad and angry that this stupid disease has manifested itself in two different, unrelated forms in my baby girl. Knowing that her prognosis is that much worse as a result breaks my heart every day, but we’re trying to make the best of our time together.

She is still acting like her adorable, happy self, which is great. As long as she’s doing that, I’m going to do everything I can to help keep her that way.

Here’s a photo of Roxy and my husband watching a movie together. Not the greatest photo but I’m pretty sure I had the same look on my face while watching Sharknado.

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Update from surgery

Yesterday, we went in to meet with the surgeon about the lymph node removal and mouth biopsies. I asked them to take chest x-rays first, since it would have been around now that her mid-point x-rays would have been if there had been no chemo delays (of which there were two). I asked them to do them first, because if they found anything in the x-rays, it would influence my decision about putting her through the surgery.

GOOD NEWS: lung x-rays came back clear. Big, big happy dance.

So, I decided to go through with the minor surgery to remove her lymph nodes and get samples from her mouth infection and send them off to get examined. At least this way, we will know for sure if it’s cancerous or not (the surgeon didn’t believe it would be cancerous – apparently he has seen something similar before, and it went away with time), and have a better idea of what it is and how to treat it.

We will get results back in about a week.

In the meantime, Roxy slept through the night, and is resting at home. She ate well this morning; you wouldn’t think that she had just gotten 3 chunks taken from her mouth. That’s my girl, not letting anything get in the way of food. πŸ™‚

Here is a photo of the incisions, for those of you who are interested:

lymph node removal incisions

And here is a photo of her resting at home after her long day at the vet

Tired puppy.


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A few videos & photos

We went for a walk this morning to the nearby park, and I took a few photos and videos. I figured with the tone of yesterday’s post, I should probably show you how well she is doing otherwise. She is still happy, active and playful.




It is really difficult to get her to look at the camera, as demonstrated below πŸ™‚

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More surgery? Really??

I’m getting really tired, and I barely have the energy or heart to talk about this stuff these days. But I feel I should update you guys…

I took Roxy in to the vet again, because her mouth thing seems to be getting worse, and along with it, the jaw shaking, and enlarged lymph nodes. She has been on antibiotics for it for over a month now, and they are obviously not helping.

Apparently, the first time (over a month ago) and the most recent time, they had a bunch of different vets have a look at her mouth infection, they took biopsies of small samples (a punch from her mouth, and a needle from her lymph nodes, which turned up negative for cancer) and they still don’t know what it is. The pathology report said it was just an infection. Dentistry said they didn’t know what it was.

So after meeting with the vet on Friday, she agreed that it was worse, and spreading, and that her lymph nodes were larger than when they first noticed the issue. She said the only way to determine what it is, is to do a surgical biopsy to get a large enough sample. Remove a lymph node, and get a larger sample from her mouth, to send for biopsies.

This is a relatively minor surgery, but STILL. Another surgery?!

Meeting with the surgeon on Tuesday, but there is still a chance to back out of the surgery after that.

My poor baby is going through enough. And I just hope that after all this, what they find is something they know how to treat.

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